2022 Dental Medical Mission Trip Update


Dear MOHVN members and friends,

In light of the continuing global expansion of Covid Delta Variant,
we will not be planning a mission trip for the year 2022.

As the pandemic continues on in 2021 and beyond,
the time has not yet come to safely restart our mission in Vietnam.

There are many reasons behind this decision to delay the mission trip further.
Vietnam continues to battle the pandemic, resulting in uncertainty for any travel planning.
Vaccination rates for the underserved people will likely remain low,
with dependence on the government to have vaccines available for them.
Lastly, the local health departments are unsure when they will be allowed
to issue working permits for non profit organisations to provide free health care services in rural areas.

It is still not safe for our group to return to Vietnam in the Summer 2022.
Yet, we will continue to reach out to the villagers through our Medicine Cabinets.

Thank you,

Hien & Huong Tran
Mission of Hope Vietnam
email: info.mohvn@gmail.com
website: http://MissionOfHopeVN.com
Tel. 918 289 5035


Dental – Medical Mission Trip Recap 2018


Dear Mission of Hope Vietnam team members, friends and supporters,

It is with tremendous happiness that we report about our completed, successful, and blessed 2018 Mission Trip. We are so thankful to our volunteers and donors for allowing us to make such a positive impact last summer.

Our mission  brought us to several villages along the Southern border of Vietnam. We were overjoyed to meet and serve the people of these remote communities – some of which even lacked clean drinking water.

Over the course of 6 days, we helped treat a total of 3,272 patients and distributed over 2,450 gifts to the poor in Bạc Lieu, Soc Trang and Đồng Nai.  Although this is a fair amount of people, it is the love and care of each team member that is more important than the numbers of patients served.

We want to share some videos of what our mission looks like in person. Here are our dentists and volunteers serving at a Khmer church in Soc Trang.

Below is footage of our doctors and volunteers treating patients at a church in Dong Nai.

This video shows our pharmacy department filling prescriptions for patients at a church in Dong Nai.

This is a video of the Oven community gathered outside the local church awaiting treatment.

Here are a few photos of the fun and hardworking 2018 mission team.  These 42 volunteers are who made this an enjoyable and successful mission.

Thank you to everyone for all the love and hope you brought to the people we met during the 2 week journey.  It has been a blessing to serve with such kind and selfless hearts.  We hope to see you again in the next mission in 2020!




Dental Medical Mission 2016 Recap



As we prepare our hearts for the upcoming trip this year, I just want to take a moment to review what God has already done through MOHVN over the years. The video above captured some of our best moments of our 2016 trip. Please review and share with friends to raise awareness and prayer for our upcoming trip .



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MOHVN Medical – Dental Mission Trip 2018

I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me. Matthew 25:40

Dear MOHVN team members, friends and supporters,

Many of us come from a disadvantaged background and remember how somewhere along our struggles, an individual has reached out and touched our lives through a random acts of kindness. Fueled by the same spirit, the MOHVN mission team will return to Vietnam again in summer 2018 to reach out and help vulnerable and underserved people in Vietnam villages.

We would like to officially announce the dates of the 2018 Dental & Medical Mission Trip. We will leave USA Saturday June 23rd and return Sunday July 8th, 2018. We cordially invite all the team members to join us on this trip, so that we may continue to help and bring hope to the poor villagers and less fortunate in Vietnam. The healthcare service locations will be in Southern areas: Cà Mau, Sóc Trăng, Bạc Liêu. The vacation days is proposed on Sat. June 30th and Sunday July 1st at Phu Quoc island.

We will send out the Consent Form in October for those who are interested in joining our 2018 mission team. From our past experience, the ideal group would be around 30 members serving around 300 patients a day. Therefore, we are always in need of dentists, physicians, pharmacists and nurses. If you are in the health care profession, please make plans to join us on this mission trip. Besides the health care professionals, we will also need many volunteers to help out. If you are interested of joining the Mission 2018 Team, please let us know as soon as possible.

The estimated land cost in Vietnam for two weeks will be around $1,200 including transportation, hotel, food, drink, tips,etc.. The roundtrip airfare from USA to Vietnam varies from $1,200 to $1,600 depending where you depart from.

May God Bless your kind heart in helping and bring hope to the poor in Vietnam.

Hien & Huong Tran
Mission Of Hope Vietnam
website: http://MissionOfHopeVN.com
email: info.mohvn@gmail.com


KHE SANH (6-29-16)


Thanks God for the opportunity to serve the impoverished people at Khe Sanh, northwestern of Quang Tri, near DMZ and Ho Chi Minh Trail at Lao’s border. This was our second stop of the mission trip on (6/29/16).

We spent the whole day here to treat 320 patients and dispense 650 Rx prescriptions. Dental department with 4 dentists had seen 160 patients and extracted 185 tooth. We also distributed 200 bags of rice to minority group of Van Kieu. We were so happy to see so many smiles and happy faces of the villagers after receiving dental and medical treatment with bags of medicine and rice on their hands.

“Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers that you do unto me” Mathew 25:45.

mohvn-2016-ks-17 mohvn-2016-ks-16 mohvn-2016-ks-15 mohvn-2016-ks-14 mohvn-2016-ks-13 mohvn-2016-ks-12 mohvn-2016-ks-11 mohvn-2016-ks-10 mohvn-2016-ks-9 mohvn-2016-ks-8 mohvn-2016-ks-7 mohvn-2016-ks-6 mohvn-2016-ks-5 mohvn-2016-ks-4 mohvn-2016-ks-3 mohvn-2016-ks-23 mohvn-2016-ks-2




Thanks to the prayer and support of relatives, friends and supporters, the MOHVN mission team came back home safe and sound. We served 2,724 patients in this mission trip at 8 different locations.

We would like to share some pictures of our first stop at Tu An Buddhist Temple in Ba Ria, Vung Tau.  On Monday June 27, after the Team Building Conference, we came to visiting and providing  medical – dental care for the orphans at the temple. After the services, we organized a party and gave some gifts to twenty excellent students of the year.  We also donated some cash to help the orphans buying school supplies.

God Bless,


mohvn-tabo-5 mohvn-tabo-12 mohvn-tabo-11 mohvn-tabo-10 mohvn-tabo-9 mohvn-tabo-8 mohvn-tabo-2 mohvn-tabo-1 mohvn-2016-ks-2 mohvn-tabo-7 mohvn-tabo-6 mohvn-tabo-3


Support for Trieu Phong Blind Association


Dear friends and supporters,

MOHVN is supporting the Trieu Phong Blind Association (TPBA) in Trieu Phong, Quang Tri by sponsoring the purchase of machines to manufacture incense sticks. This will allow the organization to be more efficient and increase revenue which in turn improves the standard of living for their members.

Since 2002, members of TPBA have been gathering daily to make the brooms and toothpicks by hand. Many members rely on the profits generated by these products to support their families. For many of the members, this is the only job that they are qualified to do, only making about $1.95 USD per day ($1,300,000 Dong VN/a month). Unfortunately, the revenue generated by brooms and toothpicks alone are not enough to sustain the basic needs of everyday living for the members.

TPBA wishes to raise enough money to buy new machines to manufacture incense sticks to increase revenue.  They feel that this could drastically improve the income and the lives of many of their members. MOHVN has committed to assist in the ordering and installation of the new machines as well as training the TPBA membres to start the production lines.

If you wish to join MOHVN in fulfilling the dream of TPBA, please contact us by email for details: info.mohvn@gmail.com.   Please also see the attached photos demonstrating the work of TPBA members.

“Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers, that you do onto me” Mathew 25:45

Hien & Huong Tran
Mission Of Hope Vietnam
website: http://MissionOfHopeVN.com
email: info.mohvn@gmail.com

hnmtp-choi-1 hnmtp-choi-2 hnmtp-choi-3 hnmtp-lam-choi-1 hnmtp-lam-choi-2 hnmtp-tru-so-hnm


Mission of Hope Vietnam 2016 Summary and Reflection


MoHVN leaders Mr.  & Mrs. Hiền Hương had spent much time and effort in preparation for our return to our beloved country specifically in Central Vietnam for our charity work. In all, 35 volunteers made this trip. Our destinations included The Orphanage Tu An Ba Ria, Khe Sanh Church, Tri Buu Church, Bo Lieu Church, Dien Sanh Church, Son Thuy Church-A Luoi, Cay Da Church, and Nhat Dong Church-Phong Dien. We directly helped the villagers by administering to the sick and distributing medication.  We also provided dental examinations and teeth extraction, we also delivered reading glasses to those in need. Along with our charity work, MoHVN was able to present to numerous families a gift which included rice, instant noodle, fish sauce, sugar, and cash.

Though gifts from MoHVN were not substantial, the love and care for our sisters and brothers touched all of us more than anything else. Out of love for those in need, the volunteers readily left behind their families and jobs and sacrificed their time to make this long journey.

Every morning as we traveled to our destination, we prayed and sang: “Whatever you do to the least of my brothers, that you do unto me”. The verse in this song really helped us to live the words of God and to see God’s image in all the brothers and sisters we encountered. Witnessing the joy on the faces of those in need, we all felt blessed and were filled with gratitude to have had the opportunity do The Lord’s work.  Thank you God for making our hearts much much bigger, so we can show our love and serve others.

We would like to use this opportunity to express our sincere thank to all our donors, benefactors who contributed and to make this trip possible. The money you donated allow us to purchase enough medicine, equipment, supplies, and all the gifts. We thank you for your unending support of MoHVN.  We ask that you keep our organization in your prayers.  As always, any amount of donation that you can give to help us continue to fund this charity work in 2018 is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much and may God bless you and your family.

MoHVN representatives

Khánh & Anh-Tú Nguyễn

Tề-Long & Xuân Trần





6/27/16 TU AN BUDDHIST TEMPLE- BA RIA 20 20 12 10
6/29/16 KHE SANH CHURCH- QUANG TRI 320 650 160 185
6/30/16 TRI BUU CHURCH- QUANG TRI 402 1100 204 275
7/01/16 BO LIEU CHURCH- QUANG TRI 204 500 50 82
7/02/16 DIEN SANH CHURCH- QUANG TRI 258 900 42 56
7/05/16 SON THUY CHURCH- A LUOI- THUA THIEN 190 600 95 118
7/06/16 CAY DA CHURCH- QUANG TRI 340 1500 140 166
7/07/16 NHAT DONG CHURCH- THUA THIEN 175 650 76 102
  TOTAL 1,945 5,920 779 994



Mission of Hope Vietnam 2016 Trip Announcement!

Dear Mission Of Hope Vietnam – Mission Team Members and Supporters,

We would like to officially announce the dates of the 2016 Dental & Medical Mission Trip.  We will leave USA Saturday June 25th and return Sunday July 10th, 2016. We cordially invite all the team members to join us on this trip, so that we may continue to help and bring hope to the poor villagers and the unfortunates in Vietnam.    

For this mission trip, we will provide medical and dental care in the province of Quang Tri (North Central region) in the first week.  Then we will serve at Phan Rang (South Central region) three days of the second week.      

We will send out the Consent Form in October for those who are interested in joining our 2016 mission team.  From our past experience, the ideal group would be around 30 members in serving around 300 patients a day.  Therefore, we are always in need for dentists, physicians, pharmacists and nurses.  If you are in the health care profession, please make plans to join us on this mission trip.  Besides the health care professionals, we will also need many volunteers to help out.  If you are interested of joining the Mission 2016 Team, please let us know as soon as possible.