2022 Dental Medical Mission Trip Update


Dear MOHVN members and friends,

In light of the continuing global expansion of Covid Delta Variant,
we will not be planning a mission trip for the year 2022.

As the pandemic continues on in 2021 and beyond,
the time has not yet come to safely restart our mission in Vietnam.

There are many reasons behind this decision to delay the mission trip further.
Vietnam continues to battle the pandemic, resulting in uncertainty for any travel planning.
Vaccination rates for the underserved people will likely remain low,
with dependence on the government to have vaccines available for them.
Lastly, the local health departments are unsure when they will be allowed
to issue working permits for non profit organisations to provide free health care services in rural areas.

It is still not safe for our group to return to Vietnam in the Summer 2022.
Yet, we will continue to reach out to the villagers through our Medicine Cabinets.

Thank you,

Hien & Huong Tran
Mission of Hope Vietnam
email: info.mohvn@gmail.com
website: http://MissionOfHopeVN.com
Tel. 918 289 5035