Mission of Hope Vietnam 2016 Summary and Reflection


MoHVN leaders Mr.  & Mrs. Hiền Hương had spent much time and effort in preparation for our return to our beloved country specifically in Central Vietnam for our charity work. In all, 35 volunteers made this trip. Our destinations included The Orphanage Tu An Ba Ria, Khe Sanh Church, Tri Buu Church, Bo Lieu Church, Dien Sanh Church, Son Thuy Church-A Luoi, Cay Da Church, and Nhat Dong Church-Phong Dien. We directly helped the villagers by administering to the sick and distributing medication.  We also provided dental examinations and teeth extraction, we also delivered reading glasses to those in need. Along with our charity work, MoHVN was able to present to numerous families a gift which included rice, instant noodle, fish sauce, sugar, and cash.

Though gifts from MoHVN were not substantial, the love and care for our sisters and brothers touched all of us more than anything else. Out of love for those in need, the volunteers readily left behind their families and jobs and sacrificed their time to make this long journey.

Every morning as we traveled to our destination, we prayed and sang: “Whatever you do to the least of my brothers, that you do unto me”. The verse in this song really helped us to live the words of God and to see God’s image in all the brothers and sisters we encountered. Witnessing the joy on the faces of those in need, we all felt blessed and were filled with gratitude to have had the opportunity do The Lord’s work.  Thank you God for making our hearts much much bigger, so we can show our love and serve others.

We would like to use this opportunity to express our sincere thank to all our donors, benefactors who contributed and to make this trip possible. The money you donated allow us to purchase enough medicine, equipment, supplies, and all the gifts. We thank you for your unending support of MoHVN.  We ask that you keep our organization in your prayers.  As always, any amount of donation that you can give to help us continue to fund this charity work in 2018 is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much and may God bless you and your family.

MoHVN representatives

Khánh & Anh-Tú Nguyễn

Tề-Long & Xuân Trần





6/27/16 TU AN BUDDHIST TEMPLE- BA RIA 20 20 12 10
6/29/16 KHE SANH CHURCH- QUANG TRI 320 650 160 185
6/30/16 TRI BUU CHURCH- QUANG TRI 402 1100 204 275
7/01/16 BO LIEU CHURCH- QUANG TRI 204 500 50 82
7/02/16 DIEN SANH CHURCH- QUANG TRI 258 900 42 56
7/05/16 SON THUY CHURCH- A LUOI- THUA THIEN 190 600 95 118
7/06/16 CAY DA CHURCH- QUANG TRI 340 1500 140 166
7/07/16 NHAT DONG CHURCH- THUA THIEN 175 650 76 102
  TOTAL 1,945 5,920 779 994